Terms and Conditions

"Dr. Stefan Cherkezov" Medical Center provides out-patient medical care in accordance with the legal regulations in the Republic of Bulgaria. The work process is standardized and subject to control by all competent state institutions. The personal data and the Medical information aggregated in the process of work are used exclusively for the purposes of the treatment process and its subsequent valuation and payment by the financial institutions ensuring the insurance status of each patient. Aggregated and depersonalized data may be provided to state institutions upon request for the purpose of statistical processing and implementation of health population policy.

"Dr. Stefan Cherkezov" MC provides an opportunity to plan the time for the medical examination, with the help of the registry or through the Internet portal www.dkcvt.com. Staff are committed to following a pre-arranged schedule whenever possible. In cases where compliance with the schedule is impossible due to an unforeseen commitment of the medical person providing medical care, or other circumstances have occurred, the staff undertakes to notify the parties involved in the process. This is done at the earliest possible moment by the methods provided by each party.

In cases of a situation that prevents the patient from adhering to the established examination schedule, we ask the patient to cancel his examination by phone at the reception or through the portal www.dkcvt.com through the e-mail link to cancel each confirmed examination. Please be conscientious in this process, bearing in mind that time is the most valuable resource we have.

HERE you can find how we manage the personal data we collect in accordance with the GDPR act of EU.